Snowball Creek Electronics

We are a small electronics design company located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Welcome to Snowball Creek Electronics

My name is Keith. I've got my own model railroad that I have been working on for a few years now. Being a retired electronics design professional, the goal for my railroad is to design, build, program, and install all of my own electronics to operate my layout. I am not using ANY commercial products. All of my designs conform to NMRA standards where applicable, and if not, they would be clearly identified.

Once a particular PCB has been proven, I typically purchase in lots of 50 to 100 boards in an effort to keep costs down. If I think a particular design would be usefull to others, I offer them here for purchase.

With my 35+ years of experience in electronics production, I have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to design, build, program, and test PCB's. I'm not here to become rich. PCBs on sale here are priced basically at cost plus a bit for my time to produce them.

PCB Design Services

If you've got an idea for a project, I may be able to assist in design and prototypes. Please use the contact us page and let's discuss!

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